Diễn Viên Stephanie Love 

Stephanie Love

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Blonde-haired babe Stephanie Love was always interested in the porn industry, but she decided to wait until she had sculpted her body to perfection before uploading amateur content. Now, with a stunning pair of fake titties and a sexy ass, the beautiful Nebraskan loves stripping off and fucking in front of the camera, especially when she’s being dominated by a hot stud with rippling muscles! Prior to getting into the industry, Stephanie estimates that she’d already been with a couple hundred guys, and she still has to masturbate twice daily with her sex toy to keep her libido at bay. When the tattooed, pierced nymph isn’t working her way to the top of the smut biz, the former stripper enjoys traveling, hiking, camping, and relaxing at the beach. Check out athletic cumslut Stephanie in her scenes down below!

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